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High-quality switching power supply to do what points
Oct 20, 2016

First, the first step of switching power supply circuit design components layout. Circuit design layout is the first step in the production of switching power supply, high-quality switching power supply needs a good source circuit, the layout of components is the arrangement of the product grade materials with the needs of the design layout. Shun power each switch power supply is the most sophisticated circuit design, the product can be detected by CE EMC ROHS and so on. Pcb board physical design is the first link, if the design method properly, PCB may radiate too much electromagnetic interference, resulting in power supply instability.

The second for the material selection, the use of good components produced by the switching power supply has the following characteristics: long life, small interference, low-quality stable failure is not easy failure rate. Most of the components used in Shun'an power supply are from imported materials. Cooperative suppliers include ON Semiconductor, NXP Ruby, Black Diamond, ST and other international first-line components manufacturers. From the source to eliminate the occurrence of hidden dangers, which in the true sense of the high-quality switching power supply manufacturer's title.

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