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Switching power supply of several important components
Oct 20, 2016

1. Input voltage range: When the switching power supply input voltage changes, to maintain the same output characteristics of the input voltage range. The wider this range, the greater the ability of the power supply to adapt to changes in the mains supply, and the wider the operating range of the switching power supply. It and the switching power supply internal error amplifier, sampling feedback regulation circuit gain and duty cycle adjustment range. Current switching power supply input voltage range has been done 90V-270V, can save a lot of electrical appliances on the 110V / 220V switch.

2. Voltage regulation rate: voltage regulation rate, also known as voltage stability, the output current is constant (that is, the load does not change), and the input AC operating voltage changes, the relative change in output voltage. This specification is used to verify that the switching power supply in the most harsh supply voltage environment, the stability of the output voltage to meet the requirements specifications.

3. Current regulation rate: current regulation rate, also known as load regulation, is the input AC voltage rating (such as 220VAC), and the output current from the minimum 0 to maximum, the relative change in output voltage. This indicator is used to verify the switching power supply adapter in the harshest load conditions, the output voltage stability is in line with the requirements of the specifications.

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