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The difference between power adapter and charger and relationship
Oct 20, 2016

Charger process is: constant current - constant pressure - trickle, three-stage smart charging. Charging process in the three-stage charge theory can greatly improve the efficiency of the battery charging, shorten the charging time, and can effectively extend the battery life. Three-stage charging using the first constant current charging, and then constant voltage charging, and finally the use of floating charge maintenance.

Generally divided into fast charge, make up the charge, trickle charge three stages:

Fast charge stage: with high current to charge the battery to quickly restore the battery power, the charging rate can reach 1C or more, this time charging voltage is low, but will limit the charge current within a certain value range.

Complementary charging phase: Relative to the fast charging phase, the complementary charging stage can be called the slow charging phase. When the fast-charge phase is terminated, the battery is not fully charged, the need to add complementary charging process, make up the charge rate is generally not more than 0.3C, because the battery voltage after rapid charging stage has increased, so make up the charging phase charge voltage Should be improved, and constant within a certain range.

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