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What is the UL certification follow - up inspection service
Oct 20, 2016

UL Follow-Up Service is the Chinese name for the UL Follow-Up Service, or "FUS" for short. UL certification tracking inspection service is to maintain the integrity of the UL mark the key. UL not only in the laboratory assessment of product samples (such as power adapter samples), but also regularly to the product's manufacturing location (such as the power adapter industry will go to the power adapter manufacturers) to test manufacturers (power adapter manufacturers) to maintain effective control of products (Power adapter) continues to meet UL requirements.

 The experimental basis for FUS is the "UL Service Agreement" signed by the applicant / manufacturer (power adapter manufacturer) and UL. FUL is an important part of UL product certification. UL-authorized UL Mark products are subject to FUS. FUL is a product manufacturer (power adapter manufacturers) mandatory requirements.

For each UL file, the trace inspection service usually starts with the first production inspection (IPI) of the product (power adapter) to obtain the UL Marking Authorization. The UL certification traceability service is a long-term process. During the entire UL certification life cycle, the product (power adapter) is periodically inspected at the manufacturing facility (the power adapter manufacturer) to confirm continued compliance with UL requirements. In order to achieve consistent and consistent compliance, manufacturers must understand the requirements of the Follow-Up Service Procedure and related standards, the requirements for calibration of instrumentation, and the basic requirements for the use of the UL Mark and other content 

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