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Why is the power adapter price gap so large
Oct 20, 2016

Generally speaking, a power adapter is composed of a large number of electronic components, and because of potential electrical hazards, power adapter is not allowed to open the shell of a closed product. This has led many users to simply measure the wattage and the most intuitive price tag on the power adapter's nameplate. Power adapter, this seemingly simple "plastic box" inside is far from our imagination is so simple. Only material aspects can affect a power adapter 70% of the quality, and circuit design, production process and other factors also occupy a lot of weight. In addition to the rated power, its stability is good or bad is affecting the user experience the most intuitive factors.

A penny of goods, which is a lot of people buy the product concept. Popular point of view, the power adapter internal electronic components can be divided into three kinds of materials, the lowest level of the old materials or forged materials; intermediate level is the second material; the highest level is better material. General cottage factory will use the old materials, false materials to charge the number of manufacturers will use a little noodle material, but only the first-line brand will use the best quality of the material, good material. So the same level of two 36W power adapter, the average price of 30 yuan of products will be better than those only 15 yuan of cheap goods.

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