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How Can The Power Adapter Be Sticked CE Sign?
Mar 12, 2018

   CE certification is a European country's product certification for short. If the power adapters need to export to European countries, it must have the "CE" sign, and it is also a kind of pass to enter European countries. It indicates that the product meets one or several related European directives.

   This is enforced by law. During the certification audit process, the power adapter products will be certified for production quality, product quality, unit validation and EC type test. After acceptance, the appropriate "CE" logo will be issued. For the products that have passed the certification, the "CE" logo issued by the European Union must be printed on the nameplate and packaging box, and the height is not less than 5mm, and it needs scaling.

Of course, after the power adapter has already obtained CE authentication, there is another job that needs the dealer to complete, which is to sign the compliance statement. 

   When the adapter products are exported to Europe, the manufacturer must sign in a compliance statement indicating that its products have met the requirements of the European Union. This statement must be shipped to Europe, otherwise the European customs will not allow the goods to enter. Once the product is found in Europe that does not meet the conditions of CE, it will be severely punished.

Because if the product is not tested and labeled with CE, it will be considered to manufacture counterfeit products. 

   All European Union countries will take appropriate measures to impose severe penalties on counterfeit CE logo products and the same manufacturer's other products in Europe.

   In a word, the CE label needs to be treated with caution.

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